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For us, the focus is on the individual with his or her special characteristics and history.

Children, young people and families are supported and strengthened on their way to independence and social participation.

The curative education in our practice is aimed at children, adolescents and families who feel the desire to let us accompany them in their development. It is important to us that basically every person is right as he or she is. We do not see the deficit, but the resource and the own strength for development. Our motto comes from a quote by Marshall B. Rosenberg, the founder of non-violent communication:“The relationship comes before the method”!

This means that for us, the individual, each child and each person with their peculiarities and their history is in the foreground and together we try to find out what could best help them in their situation and get involved with them to understand. We have a wide range of expertise with which we can assist you and your child.


Our core team consists of two special educators B.A., a graduate special educator and a state-approved special educator - with different specialisations.


My name is Katrin Eggert and I am the head of the practice. I am a state-certified educator and remedial teacher B.A. At the moment I am still studying social pedagogy in Düsseldorf and have taken many further training courses and additional qualifications in the course of my professional life. I have worked in day care centers, schools and family centers and have now found a very exciting and versatile opportunity to live my vocation in practice. Above all, I am interested in life journeys, the stories that each person brings with them, their culture and how problems or difficulties can be solved or mitigated against this background. The relationships we form in our environment are also part of this and play a big role in our development. That is why my focus is also on systemic family counseling. A vocation that I pursue in addition to my pedagogical passion is music, and so in my remedial classes we often dance, sing or make music together. I am looking forward to you, to you and your stories.


My name is Katharina Schöwerling. I am a state-certified educator and remedial teacher B.A. I have been working with children, adolescents and their families since 2002. I enjoy accompanying and supporting children and their families on a part of their life's journey. To observe the development of the children and to support them in different areas gives me great pleasure. My passion, are the animals and so in 2011 I completed a further education in animal assisted pedagogy and therapy. I live with horses, dogs, cats and chickens together and especially the dogs like to accompany me everywhere. Thus, after consultation, my dogs are also used in the pedagogical work with the children in the practice. I look forward to meeting your children and you.


I am Angela Fröhlich and I have been working with children and their families for almost 20 years as a certified special educator. Before working in special education practice and early intervention, I gained experience in special education daycare centers and day groups as well as at a special needs school. With cheerfulness and a lot of patience I support children in overcoming difficulties, learning new things and daring to do something. I am happy to advise and accompany parents in this process. I love to move, whether in my work when I climb, swing or jump on the trampoline with children and also in my free time outside in nature when hiking or biking.

Foto Mirjam2.jpg

My name is Mirjam Krüger. I am an educator and a state-approved curative teacher. After working in a kindergarten for 16 years, I am now looking forward to applying my knowledge and experience in curative education. It is important to me to pick up children where they are in their development in order to develop a framework together with them and their family at eye level in which they can develop their individual potential. It fills me with joy to experience the world of children and to accompany their development process. In my free time, I enjoy being with people and being out and about. I love and live music, but I also like to drink a coffee in the sun in peace. I believe that every day offers new opportunities for growth and learning for everyone, and I look forward to embarking on this journey with the children and their families at Praxis Eggert. I am ready and looking forward to the encounters - with an open heart and a smile!

We are supported by other specialists and cooperation partners:

Rabea Kretschmar, state-approved remedial teacher, Marte Meo Practitioner, focus on early intervention
Luisa Vollmer, social pedagogue i.A., focus on group support, social competence training
Aneta Okupski, state-approved remedial teacher, Marte-Meo therapist, focus on early intervention
Nane Utsch, M.Sc. Psychology, psychological psychotherapist i.A.


Our practice is located directly at the Werther Brücke Schwebebahnstation, as shown by this view from our window. So we are easy to reach by public transport.

Public transport:

Werther Brücke Schwebebahnstation

Bus lines 608, 611, 624 and 640, stop at Werther Brücke

By car:

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